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Other Beauty Tools

Other Beauty Tools
Blackhead + Whitehead Remover Loop Style
New Hot
Blackhead + Whitehead Remover Loop StyleFor professional and home use..
Ex Tax:290.00PKR
Blackhead Remover + Nail Cleaner
New Hot
Blackhead Remover + Nail CleanerMaterial: Stainless steel2 in 1 beauty toolOne side to extract blackheads and second side to clean under nails..
Ex Tax:230.00PKR
Blackhead Remover + Needle, Stainless Steel
New Hot
Blackhead Remover + Needle, Stainless Steel..
Ex Tax:245.00PKR
Cuticle Trimmer With Stainless Steel Pusher
New Hot
Cuticle Trimmer With Stainless Steel Pusher..
Ex Tax:410.00PKR
Disposable shaving razor for single use onlyBlade is fixed and cannot be replacedComfortable gripEasy to useSharp blade for a smooth shave...
Ex Tax:125.00PKR
Retractable Blackhead Remover + Lancet
New Hot
Retractable Blackhead Remover + LancetMaterial: Stainless steelBoth ends can be stores inside stainless steel handle for easy storage..
Ex Tax:740.00PKR
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